slumdog millionaire: the globes winner

I was about to make a review of this movie a few weeks ago because i just love it! it's a feel good movie, but it's just so well done, the actors are great, chthe kids are so natural, the music is energetic and catchy, the story is really simple but beautiful and funny but in a sweet way and the ending is simply the greatest!!... oh the director is danny boyle so... go watch it immediately!
Well for me it is the best movie in 2008 without a doubt!
And it seems i'm not the only one who thinks like that: Slumdog Millionaire was the great winner of the 2009 Golden Globe Awards taking the top prizes as Best Drama, Best Director(Danny Boyle), Best Screenplay(Simon Beaufoy), and Best Original Score(A.R. Rahman).

and now the Oscars!

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rose said... @ 11:10 AM

Have to see it!

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