the tux team

see when i say they are GREAT! is because they really are, just see the sequence in this journal entry and while you are there just take a look at the photoshoots they did... and be jealous...

baaaahhh i wanna make a cosplay group and none of my friends want to.... baaaaahhh....
i'm so misunderstood....
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blatant sasunaru or narusasu or....

ok now, you all know that i'm like... sort of a ... narutard.... well really reeeally sort of... because i'm a naruto manga fan but i haven't seen a single episode of naruto shippuden since they started the fillers and the ones i saw before the fillers were in fast forward... Anyway because of this i'm not really knowledgeable about the opening and ending themes... soooo i only took notice of the 6th shippuden theme a month or so later after it's release... and when i saw it, i was about to make a post about it, but i just... forgot...
so today i went to my dA account and on my deviantWatch i had this picture from the cosplay group the tuxedo team (they are amazing btw go check their individual accounts and see what i'm talking about when i say GREAT COSPLAY GROUP...) and everything just came back to me...

BLATANT sasunaru moment!!

if you don't know what i'm talking about when i say BLATANT sasunaru just watch the damn ending...

"please kiss me, please kiss me" when only sasuke and naruto are on the frickin screen?? jesus have some decency... i know for a fact that a great deal of sasunarusasu or narusasunaru or sasunaru ou narusasu or whatever fans!! almost died of nosebleeds after this thought induced ending...
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imagine an interviews without words...
look no further, it has already been made check it out.
here's one of my favourites.

innovative concept or just plain making fun of other ppl?
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music challenge

Challenged by Sam.
Here ya go, 10 questions answered with song titles from Interpol.

1. Are you a man or a woman?
2. Describe yourself.
Pioneer to the falls
3. What do people think of you?
4. How do you describe your last relationship?
Obstacle 1 / No I in threesome
5. Describe the current state of your relationship?
Obstacle 2
6. Where would you like to be now?
NYC / Next exit
7. What do you think about love?
A time to be so small
8. How's your life?
Not even jail
9. What would you ask for if you only had one wish?
Wrecking ball
10. Write a wise sentense.
Specialist, Pace is the trick
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obama's mac

is obama a mac? is this his mac? obamas's mac?
i dunno if its photoshop or not, but that pack man sticker is just something...

Barack is Mac, and Pac?
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i'm getting old...
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true victory

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GOTH trailer

a few years ago, i was an avid reader of horror/gore/dark manga, that's when my obsession with morbid stories started to really kick in. From MPD Psycho to Sky High, I read away manga books and series like Jisatsu Circle and Blue Heaven as if there was no tomorrow. On those days it was impossible to get my hands on any officially translated book (besides Akira), in fact many of the titles i read in those days still aren't officially translated to english to this very day. I have to thank the effort of many translation and scanlation groups for feeding my increasingly bigger manga monster.
Anyway, it was in that time that I came across a manga called GOTH, an adaptation by Oiwa Kendi of Otsuichi's novel of the same name.
Two teens drawn to each other by their obsession with death. That about sums it. Still, what i really like about this manga is how everything is "beautiful"... Mr. Oiwa doesn't try to make you hate the main characters or shock you showing gory scenes, he's simply depicting the complexity of a romantically dark and obsessive love story. Don't be fooled though the manga has many pages full of gore but as I said it was created to be beautiful, with clean beautiful art showing great powerful scenes. A must read for fans of the genre.

And now you must be asking why oh why did i remember this manga now all of a sudden!? Well, i just came across very interesting news, more like a very interesting trailer, more precisely a GOTH live action movie teaser trailer!

The movie was directed by Takahashi Ken, and yes, if you saw the second NANA live action movie, the male main character is the guy who played Shin, the name is Hongou Kanata. YAY! He's such a cute kid, perfect for the part.
Oh well now all I can do is wait for the fansubed release. GAMBATTE NE FANSUB GROUPS!

(by the way Takahashi Tsutomu - Sky High and Blue Heaven mangaka - is one hell of a story teller and draws like a god... well maybe more like a devil if we have in mind the dark themes of his work. I have to try to know what has he been doing lately... did he finished the sky high sequel? mmm.... have to find out...*opens a browser window and starts searching* - oh the wonders of the internet!)
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new layout!

oh yeah! new layout ppl!
took it from BTemplates and changed the banner.
what do you think?
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