interesting exercise...
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nobody f**ks with john mccain

just laugh your head out... =D

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yeah yeah, everybody knows i do... but this has nothing to do with it.

ILoveSketch is a "3D curve sketching system that captures some of the affordances of pen and paper for professional designers, allowing them to iterate directly on concept 3D curve models."
just see for yourselves...

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ok, this must me one of the best comebacks i'll have the pleasure of watching!
Jean-Claude is back.
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my way

sid vicious's version of "my way"
isn't it brilliant!?!
punk isn't dead!

just remembering england and london and everything else...
the fact that that NANA manga has lots of references to the sex pistols, sid vicious, vivienne westwood etc etc etc isn't helping... at all...

I am an antichrist
I am an anarchist

it's all about attitude!!!
and now i'm gonna watch sid & nancy... excuse me
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nana craziness

nee nana...
currently reading the manga, cuz i already watched all the episodes and both live actions... and i really wanna know what happens next...

i wanna do a nana cosplay!!

i'm so obsessed...
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dragon ball live action 1st trailer (updated)

it's even worse than i was expecting.... and i was expecting something pretty low...

this is an offence to all dragon ball fans...

oh and the name of the movie is gonna be something in the lines of the adventures of monkey boy goku...
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… is an anime based on a shoujo manga and i'm gonna watch the 19th episode in a while, just paused to make a quick fanart and to eat dinner...

to me or to any non shoujo manga/anime-fan, the anime itself is nothing great and definitely just for girls... -shoujo-...still i don't know why exactly I’m watching it, I’m addicted, maybe i feel like nurturing my feminine side… besides, the punk Nana is just too cool (not to mention the sid vicious lookalike – Ren).
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