naruto shippuuden movie 2

ok, it's a frickin' well know fact that naruto shippuuden is going down the drain, at least the animated series, i haven't seen the first movie (it will only be released on DVD on the 23rd of April) and still don't know if i will (too many OCCs and nothing about naruto and sasuke's bond) but i must say that this second movie that they are announcing really has struck me down... in a good way! At least the trailer has...
*insert fan girl moment*
*end fan girl moment*

Yes my friends, it will have both, naruto AND sasuke. And the fact that it has now been named 'Naruto: Shippuuden Kizuna' is just the cherry on top of a very delicious chocolate cake... MMMMMM tasty!

With the title of 'Kizuna' (for those who don't know, it means 'bonds') i can only hope for great things. A total focus on Naruto and Sasuke's complicated bonds with each other and others is what i'm praying for, that and for them not to screw this movie over.

I think the trailer (more like a teaser) speaks for it self...

The only bad thing is... it will only be released in Japan on August 2nd, and I will only be able to see it around April of the next year when it gets on DVD... pfffff.. oh well

(sorry for not announcing the fan girl moment :P)

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